Learn about the District's current water projects, our operations in each area and how they benefit the local community.

Lateral 8 Regulating Reservoir

The creation of this reservoir comes in response to the recent drought conditions and current state legislation. The reservoir will serve as a surface water storage and regulation facility for the Lateral 7 and Lateral 8 canal systems.

Don Pedro Reservoir

This reservoir substantially increased TID's water storage capacity on the Tuolumne River. TID is currently in the process of relicensing this crucial part of the TID electrical and water system.

Domestic Water Project

Construction of a new domestic water treatment plant has been proposed in Stanislaus County, near Hughson.

Tuolumne River

The snowmelt from Mt. Lyell, the highest peak in Yosemite National Park, and Mt. Dana forms the headwaters of the Tuolumne River.